What We Do

ICORP have their own APU based in Southern Africa, in Mozambique close to the boundary of South Africa's Kruger National Park, and in the Lebombo Conservancy covering over 100 000 Hectors, which has been operating for over 2 years. This unit is in place to assist all wildlife owners with a small team of highly trained individuals. Assisting on the ground with anti-poaching, intel gathering, communications, and the arrest of poachers in the area in need. This team is on a 24/7 reaction to go anywhere in Southern Africa. They will operate on a minimum of 3 - 12 month period. The HQ is based South of Massingir under the leadership of Marc Mc Donald, highly skilled and experienced in anti-poaching and Reserve Management.

ICORP is an organization that identifies the needs of wildlife areas, and the need to stop poaching of all wildlife. In house training and orientation is given on the frontlines, survival and bush knowledge are shared by our senior team members out in the field. Ongoing updates, and with regards to training, gear and equipment support are paramount. ICORP has several years’ experience as a team on the front lines and therefor specialise in the fields of front lines training, bush lore and survival. Our APU work with the relevant Mozambique authorities and organizations, building relationships to ultimately be victorious over a clever, well equipped and callous enemy. Combatting Mafia style poaching syndicates who are slaughtering the flag species of Africa, to fuel illegal weapon and child smuggling, in African nations. While the Asian markets are kept in Rhino horn and Ivory for their use of traditional medicine to continue this unjust slaughter of our natural heritage.

Our APU Team receive all needs through funding and donations. This covers uniforms, and all that is attached to field dress. The gear that each man wears and carries, and then the actual equipment used in the field to ensure the capture of poachers and safety of that Scout and or Tracker using it. This covers all technology, from GPS units, night vision, thermal imaging, drones, and K9 detection and tracker dogs, communications equipment, and more. Each team member is an asset to ICORP, and we are proud of our teams involvmnet in this fight to save rhino, elephant and other wildlife.

We are also committed and dedicated to assisting our Ranger families and communities who are abused and the men folk forced to poach by gang ringleaders. We go to the areas where these folk are under siege, and ICORP supports, with the emphasis on the health of mothers, children and infants. We work behind the scenes on key social projects and tasks. Educating our communities and being part of the drive to stop the poaching. In providing much needed materials and training we are changing the mindsets of these people to understand that Tourism is the answer. and in provide birthing kits, clothing and mosquito nets, to assisting with water reticulation, classrooms and other wellbeing initiatives in the community.

ICORP is making a difference. Funding is needed to ensure that we are able to cover the needs of these communities in a sustainable and well managed way.

We have identified various needs in Mozambique and South Africa. Come with us on a journey of hope and ultimately saving the iconic species of Southern Africa!