Ranger Family Support

ICORP APU Mozambique

This small group of Hero’s are working in the Greater Lebombo Conservancy stretching over 100 000 hectors along the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park.

Tucked in to a northern sector of this area, the International Coalition of Rhino Protection registered as an Australian based charity for wildlife, we support our anti-poaching team in the struggle against the onslaught of poaching for rhino horn and ivory on a daily bases.

Wave upon wave of armed and dangerous poaching gangs kill rhino to smuggle the horn to Vietnam, or elephant to smuggle the ivory up into the southern part of Sudan to trade in arms and ammunition, women and child trafficking and narcotics.

We stand in the gap, acting as a stopper and buffer, cutting off poaching infiltration, and the area being used as a springboard into the greater Kruger National Park. On the Reserve km of snaring is done, so that meat is dried and used as rations for the rhino poachers who spend days in the areas where rhino and elephant are found, patiently waiting to strike. With rhino horn costing $75 000 per kilo, and ivory more than gold an ounce, these people will not give up.

Our team needs to be well equipped and supported. Daily risking their lives, and being away from their families for long periods of time. Our needs are real and we rely heavily on the good natured folks out there to step up and become friends of our APU team. We have made a commitment to this cause and are dedicated in achieving the best outcome for our wildlife.

ICORP, will be building a training facility to train more local Mozambique citizens to become guardians of their own wildlife. There are some top priority projects as well that need to be developed and implemented for the base.

Become part of the solution, and walk a journey with ICORP’s APU in Mozambique