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ICORP was founded on a strong pillar of community development as a solution to counter poaching. In the past we have implemented school education projects, supplied birthing kits to women, and currently help with protection and emergency response in the communities we service in areas of gender based violence, child protection, road accidents and being a peaceforce against general unrest. With our core ranger unit now in place, and our K9 unit in training - our next step is to focus on sustainable community development.


In the area we protect lack of food and economic resources are a large contributing factor to poaching and violence in the community, communal farm lands are over grazed, areas are being deforested, tourism in the area has all but died in a pandemic environment, game reserves and the communities that surround them are suffering - we need to find new solutions to making economy in the bush. 

This is our plan


We have formed a coalition with SA Permaculture, they are doing site checks and putting a plan and budget in place for our sustainable base.


Implement a targeted and tiered social media campaign to raise funds to start implementing our sustainable base - this funds will cover upgrading of our volunteer section to host permaculture trainees, materials, instructor and management fees, training of rangers and community members that want to learn - we would like to offer internship salaries to community members while they are training so we can give back to the community now while planning for the future.


Attract members of the public and community members wanting to learn permaculture and rewilding in a counter-poaching environment.


Conduct permaculture training courses at base - start making base sustainable while making income from paying members of public and training community members with paid internships (sponsored by donors)


Start using excess permaculture products to start small local businesses - a farmers market where fresh produce and products can be sold locally - as the nearest fresh foods supplier is close to an hour away, this will also create a community hub.


Move the project with now fully trained Permaculture Rangers to a local community farm to do it all over again, and train more people.

Ziyanda! We are expanding

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Maintenance - Seasonal maintenance plan optional on projects we have installed

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