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Give a K9 the gift of training 

The ICORP ranger team have been blessed with four new Malinois puppies, these mischievous pups need service training to hone their skills and join the ranks as Guardians of Nature. We need to raise some funds to feed and train these future rangers so they can help us on our mission to protect wildlife and apprehend poachers.

Adoption can be done by a group or an individual for $940,00 (USA) per K9 and includes

• Choosing your pups name

• Monthly updates on all your pups progress until they are retired

• 1-week free stay at our base for you to meet your adopted K9

• Covers all training and training equipment needed for your pup

• One year of puppy food

Using working K9s in conservation has proven to be one of the best means to lower poaching, but also to apprehend poachers.

For more information on adopting a K9 ranger email

Please note only one pup may be adopted by an organization or individual

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