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A campaign with Nature Conservation

Interaction with the local communities is vital in the work that ICORP does. A relationship of trust and respect can only be built by sharing each other's needs and expectations, establishing an understanding and finding solutions together. With this in mind, a campaign was organised by ICORP, SAPS (South African Police Services), Limpopo Nature Conservation and local community members and leaders.

By connecting with the community, it was established that several basic needs were not being met, which included the lack of water & firewood and their cattle not having enough grass to graze on. These issues, combined with a very high unemployment rate, cause fear and uncertainty for the future.

Together with the Manager of Nature Conservation of Limpopo, the CEO of ICORP will interact with the locals to try and assist the community in setting up self-sustaining solutions not only protecting the lives of the current people living on these lands but also their children and grandchildren, while protecting and overseeing the natural environment and wildlife.

ICORP will continue to focus on educating communities about sustainable use, and endangered species, both fauna and Flora, and work hard together to protect the land by creating a future for all, both humans and the environment.

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