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Baby season is slowly starting!

The rutting (breeding) season of impala takes place around April to May, and after a gestation of about 6 months, the impala ewes give birth from November onward, normally coinciding with the rains. The sudden dispersal of many lambs in the bush is a little overwhelming for the predators, and the chance of surviving in the wild is higher. Also, with summer being around, the grass will get taller and gives baby animals space to hide.

Elands on the other side don’t have a specific breeding season, but there are peak months. This month our resident Eland cow’s gave birth to calves. The calf runs with the herd within a few hours after birth. If threatened, the herd will form a front with the large bulls taking the lead positions, while the calves and pregnant females are protected behind the males.

We are excited to experience the birth of many lambs, calves and piglets in the coming months!

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