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Consistency is key!

Every day our ICORP Rangers and K9 units risk their lives. They may encounter wildlife criminals known to the world as poachers during their daily tasks. Poachers are armed and dangerous, and it is imperative that both our Rangers and the K9 units are well trained to meet these everyday possible risks. By keeping the spear sharp, ICORP conducts its own in-house training, using specialists who are active in the field or folks that have many years of experience in Counter-Poaching and share their deep-seated skills with the Rangers throughout the year.

Training covers GIS mapping, GPS use, radio communications, ambushes, body, house & car searches conducted day and night. The K9 units are put through their training in tracking, detection and patrol.

ICORP training is key to the success of all our operations, and it gives our Rangers and K9 units the edge needed in this war against wildlife crimes. The training ensures that our operations are well coordinated, implemented and conducted.

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