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Growing a sustainable living!

Beetroot, lettuce, green beans, spinach, onions, green pepper, wild rocket, basil & carrots are currently growing in our garden! And it makes us all so happy! Some of these vegetables have been germinated from seeds, some have been growing out from vegetable peels.

Growing our own vegetable garden brings in many personal & environmental benefits. On the one hand we can decrease our carbon footprint, on the other hand we are eating the freshest vegetables we can possibly find! Growing food organically is best.

These vegetables feed our Rangers, ensuring they have a healthy diet.

Also, we collect kitchen waste from fruit & vegetable peels, coffee grounds, to eggshells for our own compost system. This helps us add further nutrients to the soil and provides these vegetable plants the best growing environment with the added nutrients. With a water system in place, we can reuse most of our water for watering the plants.

Slowly the seedlings are growing and maturing, and watch this space!, as we get closer to a healthy harvest of our vegetables soon.

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