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Killed by the cold!

Aardvarks – the only nocturnal living species of the order Tubulidentata, is mostly active during the night, travelling about 10-30km a night for food. With their perfect smell, they smell out columns of termites and ants. With the help of their four toes, they are equipped with strong, flattened nail-like ‘hooves’ which work as spades, when digging out termites or ants.

While one of our resident aardvarks was digging for termites in a cold early morning, the termites have been exposed to the 4 degrees coldness, which sadly lead to the sudden death of these termites. As termites need constant 24-26 degree, regulated by the water they bring up into their mounds, the change to 4 degrees was too much for these small fungal growers.

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