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The first rain is here!

In many parts of South Africa, the first rain come in early spring, while here in the

northern part of South Africa, we get our rain a bit later. Finally, it has arrived! But what changes does this rain bring?

We have noticed our acacias and other wild plants and trees are slowly starting to flower.

Normally within 7 days the winter to summer is significant, with a flush of green everywhere! This in return makes it harder to spot animals and therefore the lambing season will officially start! Some of our local antelopes, like a duiker and steenbok, will hide their new-borns in the bush, while they are foresting for food during the day. Keeping in mind that these lambs do not have a smell, so with the grass being high and green, the chances of being taken by a predator is slim.

Also with the first rain, the creepy crawlies will start coming out. This means a high activity of insects, scorpions, spiders and solifuges, which in return gives the birds and insect eating animals a lot to feed on. Bats will be thriving.

Before winter, tortoises, bullfrogs, some reptiles dig themselves into the ground and with the first rain, they will come out again, starting to being active for the summer season.

There is so much to see now and it always is an exciting time, new life with the returning of migrant birds….

the bush is alive again!

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