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The necklases of death

Warning - not for sensitive viewers!

Our ICORP Rangers try their best daily to ensure that all wildlife under their watch is safe and secure, and are committed to protect all Fauna and Flora in the conservation areas they operate on. There are however those that slip through and the reality is just harsh and it’s what our Rangers have to face. They cannot be everywhere on the landscape!

Out on patrol, the Rangers came across a young eland, caught in a snare. The animal died a terrible and slow death by chocking! This carcass was not collected by the poachers who had set these snares. This beautiful animal was left to rot, as it was never collected. A waste of a life! Thousands of species of wildlife are indiscriminately killed by these metal nooses.

When people think of poaching, they often think of poached rhino or elephant, that are killed over a barrel of a rifle for their horns or tusks. But in fact, most of the poached animals are antelope, leopard, lion, and hyena poached for their meat, and various body parts for the witchcraft trade.

Thousands of carcasses are left to rot, and or animals breaking free and living with terrible injuries. How many elephants for example have had trunks severed by snares?

ICORP is here to fight this war against poaching! Every day the ICORP Rangers are out there working hard finding these necklaces of death and the criminal gangs of poachers who set them. ICORP Rangers and K9 units will fight tooth and claw against this terrible act, and ensure the beautiful wildlife under their watch are protected!

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