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There is a young cow stuck in a tree!

On a warm spring afternoon, our rangers came across a different sighting than usual! From far they could see a young bull that was stuck in a tree. Our rangers approached the young bull slowly, making sure that it did not panic and hurt itself even more. Luckily the young bull was very calm, realizing that the rangers are only here to help and get him out of the predicament it was in. It was easy to see that the young bull had been stuck for about two days, as he was dehydrated and his neck had wounds from trying to pull free.

Our team called for backup, and the farm workers rushed to assist in getting the young bull free. With a team of rangers & farm workers, the tree was cut down, while it was made sure that the young bull was kept calm during the process of getting it freed up. Due to the great teamwork by all, led to the successful outcome, that the young bull was free not even an hour after he was spotted. He is now back with the herd and in good condition.

Our Rangers are guardians of all, on the landscapes that they protect.

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