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Future projects and plans

Image by HARSH  TANK

ICORP is an NGO on a mission, in the last year and a half we have expanded from 2 rangers to a team of 8 Rangers, a canine unit of 5 fur rangers a lead trainer and two handlers in training, a small marketing team operating from on base and across the world, a community development manager, head of house, an ops manger and we have big plans on the horizon! 


ICORP currently provides counter poaching services in the form of: 

  • A Counter-Poaching Ranger unit 

  • A Counter-Poaching K9 unit and service dog training 

  • An armed response unit

  • Farm Security  

The Future of ICORP:

We are expanding with the aim to include:

  • Community permaculture programs and upskilling our rangers with skills in sustainable development

  • Provide a platform for community economic development through permaculture, small sustainable business development, upcycling and education in the areas where our rangers are deployed

  • Indigenous reforestation programs and nurseries

  • A comprehensive ranger training program that will set the standard for rangers in Southern Africa 

  • Our end goal for ICORP is to establish an autonomous, sustainable wildlife preserve, and ranger training facility in the region.

  • Below is the outline for the first step we are taking to put this vision in motion.

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Image by Eyoel Kahssay
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