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ICORP is proud to announce that we have formed a coalition with SA Permaculture. 

SA Permaculture’s mission, as a permaculture installation and training service provider, is to promote sustainable, healthy systems, lifestyles and people. By educating individuals and communities on how to implement Permaculture design and techniques into their lives, households and environments; everybody can learn to meet all the needs of a modern lifestyle and live in abundance.


Refocusing people’s perception to take responsibility for one's own consumption, opens their eyes to how simple it is to create a life of abundance.


Through the application of Permaculture design, training and installation, S. A. Permaculture strives to illustrate how all this can be achieved in all sectors and demographics and with minimum overall input.


ICORP’S vision is to create sustainable communities in order to combat poaching from the soil up - sustainable communities have no need to poach out of poverty and are less likely to be susceptible to being exploited by syndicates - we know this vision starts at home.

Under SA Permaculture’s guidance and training we will be starting by turning our ranger base into a sustainable development; including a food forest, grey water systems and the utilization of biogas to power certain elements on base. This development will act as a training center to upskill our Rangers, other Ranger units, and members of the public to be able to help local communities and schools introduce sustainable developments, manage their communal land, as well as helping the reserves we protect and patrol to keep their ecosystems biodiverse and healthy. 


Forming a coalition with SA Permaculture enables us to offer and implement sustainable design consultations and plans - including food systems, water management, waste management and energy systems, as well as permaculture design and rewilding courses across Southern Africa - spreading the seeds of regeneration.

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Training (Workshops and Courses)

  • Water Management Workshop

  • Home and Personal Sustainability

  • Small Space Permaculture techniques

  • Permaculture Nursery Systems

  • Permaculture Organic Gardening

  • Permaculture Organic Farming

  • Soil Building

  • Compost Production

  • Health Management

  • Nutrition, Diet and Useful Plants

  • Indigenous, Wild & Survival/Famine Foods

  • Aquaculture Systems

  • Aquatic Foods

  • Permaculture Building Techniques

  • Animal Systems and Management 

  • Container Growing

  • Aquaponics


Corporate funded social development 

  • Workshops (same as 'Training') 

  • School Teacher PDC

  • School Supplementary

  • Teaching Techniques

  • Community Garden Training

  • Cash Crops and Medicinal plants

  • Community development of market gardens - Long term process.

Image by Sungrow EMEA

Social Energy 

  • Solar 

  • Biogas 

  • Wind 

  • Micro-hydro 

Community Kitchen Garden

Food Systems 

  • Complete Permaculture design for various property scales; spaces as small

    • Balconies

    • Kitchen gardens

    • Hectares of farmland

    • Food forests

Image by Mufid Majnun

Water Management 

  • Efficient utilization of water in a system; water capture and storage

  • Irrigation

  • Reticulation - water harvesting earthworks

  • Ponds

  • Dams

  • Grey & black water system

Green Waste Recycling

Waste Management 

  • Composting

  • Worm bins

  • Chicken systems

  • Up-cycling

  • Recycling

  • Consumption reduction

  • There is no such thing as waste in nature

Contact us for consultation inquiries 

Maintenance - Seasonal maintenance plan optional on projects we have installed

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