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At ICORP we start the morning by asking the question

“What can I do for conservation today?”

If you’d like to start your day that way - here is your chance to get involved with a globally recognised counter poaching NPO on your own terms.


When two male lions form an inseparable bond it is called a coalition. ICORP believes in forming coalitions to activate a global conservation economy, our dream is to have a global network of Gaurdians of Nature that are pursuing the same dream of regenerating the planet - from influencers to big business - ICORP want to give you a platform and any guidance we can offer to help everyone help the planet.

The time has come to build coalitions. At ICORP we know it takes a community to raise a child, and our child is the planet. We need you! The more hands and voices the better.


We need innovators, creatives, organizers, researchers, strategists, designers, builders, planters, ambassadors, influencers, any skill you have that you’d like to use to make a difference, we’d like to hear from you!


We don’t want to ask you to work for free, we believe in coalitions -  building our conservation community and the economy of our community - we want that reach to be global. Instead we offer you the platform of our online store to create ICORP and conservation related merchandise and to take a cut of the profit, the same if you’d like to run a charity event - we want you to pay yourself and your teams - we are here to promote you, and support you with any knowledge, sponsors and networks we have -  as you promote us.


Of course we won’t say no to free hands and generous hearts either!


We are always looking for content creators to collaborate with, to come up with and help implement innovative online campaigns, art projects, murals, clothing designs, if you’d like to come visit us and make a documentary we’re more than happy to host you, you dream it - we give you the platform to make it happen!


Proposal specialists: Help us with our multiple ideas and plans, we have so many, and we need your special skills, pay yourself to do it as your own manager. 


Why not use ICORP as an NGO partner for your next event? Or if you have an event in mind that you’d like to make happen that could raise funds and awareness for ICORP we want to hear about it! If you’ve never run an event before and would like to learn how, we will guide you. 



Run for rhinos, dance for duiker, kick for kudus, surf for sharks, cycle for circadeas - the possibilities are endless - if you are looking for an NGO to form a coalition with - here we are.


Take a stand for conservation! Lead by example - influence the next generation to regenerate! Get in touch to talk a strategy that benefits you and us #ICORP #norangersnowildlife #GuardianOfNature #makethecirclebigger



We are the CSI project you’ve been looking for. What better way for your company to make a positive impact than to work with an NGO that’s on the most important frontline - the intersection of humans, animals and nature - by supporting the brave rangers who live to protect and conserve, your company could be part of the coalition that’s regenerating Southern Africa - planting the seeds of change today!


Let us know which volunteer program you would like to get be a part of

How can you help?

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Image by Kristjan Kotar
Become part of the ICORP Community

and together, let's make a difference

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